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      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Jan 11th 2019
    Welcome aboard Franco! :)
    • AC/DC rock music: DC
    • Jan 13th 2019
    Been reading this forum for a while to keep up with the band but have yet to comment or particpate in any threads/discussions. Hope to meet some fellow hardcore fans at upcoming shows.

    1. Hells Bells - First acdc song I heard, hooked me instantly, everything about it is perfect
    2. Powerage - textbook rock n roll textbook dc born from blues . Clean and simple
    3. Thats the way I wanna rock n roll - sounds like a kiss song...
    4. Fly on the wall - production is too abrasive

    Other bands: NIN, Tool, Black Sabbath
    Posted By: JemWelcome aboard Franco! :)

    Thank you ;)
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Jan 15th 2019
    Welcome aboard DC! :)
    • AC/DC rock music: DC
    • Jan 15th 2019
    Posted By: JemWelcome aboard DC! :)

    Thanks Jem I hope your recent hints about the new album and tour prove true! Cheers!
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Jan 16th 2019
    See you down the front.
    • AC/DC rock music: Cannon
    • Jan 17th 2019
    Hi all. I've read through the forum many times but I'm new to posting. Been listening to the band for almost 30 years. They became and remained my favorite from the first listen.
    1. SDIF. Unfortunately, I relate to the lyrics.
    2. BIB. I can find no fault.
    3. Mistress. No real hate, I just have no craving for it...
    4. Fly. Again, no real hate, it just doesn't get many spins...
    5. Van Halen (DLR era), ZZ Top
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Jan 18th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)
    Hello all,

    Yes I am back. I am so happy to be back.

    Now I can step by step close my own AC/DC Soft Boiled Fan Forum. I got a good thing going on there with myself and TomScotland as members.

    Looking forward to RTFO virtually
    • AC/DC rock music: Rocco
    • Feb 7th 2019 edited
    Posted By: CliffFINmark2Hello all,

    Yes I am back. I am so happy to be back.

    Now I can step by step close my own AC/DC Soft Boiled Fan Forum. I got a good thing going on there with myself and TomScotland as members.

    Looking forward to RTFO virtually

    Welcome CliffINmark2! Great that now you have the first names of both the most longserving bassplayers of AC/DC in your nickname.
      AC/DC rock music: DrBelford
    • Feb 20th 2019 edited
    Hi everybody,

    I've been an AC/DC fan for a really long time now (ever since I was about 9/10 years old). Since I'm really excited for a possible new album in 2019 I came across this fan forum looking for any news.

    1. Gone shootin' - Just has that perfect groove
    2. Powerage - it has an unmatched lyrical and musical synergy. One of the greatest records ever (Especially if you include „Cold Hearted Man“) But BIB, LTR and HTH come really really close
    3. Danger - I really like FOTW as an album, but the song is a weak spot I guess
    4. Probably Ballbreaker (but only because I have to pick one, I actually like that album, too:P
    5. The Doors, The Dead Weather, Brant Bjork, Kurt Vile, Hendrix, Journey, Rush, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Springsteen, Notwist, Hornsby...etc...too many to count

    Some of the AC/DC songs I really love ( but I think get overlooked sometimes):

    Soul Stripper
    Little Lover
    Get it hot
    Rock your heart out
    (and so many more...:)
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Feb 27th 2019
    Welcome aboard Dr! :)
    Welcome to the forum folks!
    1) My favorite song is Touch Too Much, because it got me into acdc and I love the lyrics, vocals, solo, riff... everything.
    2) Favorite album is a tie between Highway to Hell (contains all of the songs that introduced me to Bon) and Let There Be Rock (because it's beautiful and loud and bluesy).
    3) Have a Drink On Me because I find it disrespectful.
    4) I haven't actually sat down and listened to any albums after Back in Black, so you could just pick any random Brian album and call it my least favorite.
    5) Led Zeppelin, Bad Co, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Janis Joplin, a lot of classic rock and blues.

    One more thing you should know about me is Bon Scott.
    That is all.
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Mar 13th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)

    Touch Too Much was the second ever AC/DC track I heard. Bought HTH the next day.
    Hello everyone,

    For me its AC/DC or bust. NO AXL PLEASE......................................................................................
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Apr 16th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)
    hello :)
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Apr 29th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)
    • AC/DC rock music: Nachos73
    • May 18th 2019
    Hi everyone!

    My favorite is Highway to Hell. That's what hooked me to them since!
    As far as everything else those tough choices! There's no one song I don't like.
    I hope to catch up with everyone from the black ice forum and meet new people on the upcoming tour!
    Thanks for the add!

    1. Favourite AC/DC song and why? Bon: "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" Brian: "What Do You Do For Money Honey" Both, just bad ass!
    2. Favourite AC/DC album and why? Bon: "Let There Be Rock" Brian: "Back in Black"
    3. Least favourite AC/DC song and why? "Mistress for Christmas". Just not right.
    4. Least favourite AC/DC album and why? "Rock or Bust". No Mal, no AC/DC
    5. Bands other than AC/DC that you're into ... Eagles, Joe Walsh, there are others, but AC/DC commands most of my airplay
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Jun 17th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)
    • AC/DC rock music: Maximus
    • Aug 16th 2019
    Hello everyone! Can't understand how I missed this forum.

    1: Really hard to pick just one, but probably Up to my neck in you. Hell Bells is the first song I remember hearing, and will allways stay a favourite.
    2: Anything Between 77-80 is IMO better than anything any other band ever put out, but Powerage is my number1. Love everything about that album.
    3: Probably something early like Love song or maybe Can i sit next to you, with Dave Evans on vocals. But there is no such thing as a bad AC/DC song.
    4: For those about to rock. Never really got hooked on this album except for the title track. Gotta admit I don't listen to Rock or Bust or Black Ice very often either.
    5: So much. King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Pantera, Maiden, Priest, Beatles, RATM, The Doors, The Specials and so on...
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Aug 16th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)
    • AC/DC rock music: AC77DC
    • Aug 16th 2019
    Hi never did indroduce myself. been following dc since 83 love both bon and brian eras first album i heard was let there be rock then went out and bought everything.also love the 80s fly flick and blow albums think flick is a fantastic album.just now hope we get one last thing from the boys in memory of mal.
    1. Favourite AC/DC song and why? AC/DC - Heatseeker. I can turn this song on and immediately get a good mood.
    2. Favourite AC/DC album and why? This is a difficult one , Back in Black.
    3. Least favourite AC/DC song and why? I don't really have a song that I don't like. but a song that I don't listen that often Mistress for Christmas.
    4. Least favourite AC/DC album and why?"only because I have to pick one, Fly on the wall. because I don't listen to this album often.
    5. ZZ Top, Queen, Spoonfed, Kensington, Hauser, Beatles, and many more
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Aug 21st 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)

    Been a fan since 86. Seen the boys 6 times, Blow Up Your Video, SUL, Black Ice (*2) and Rock or Bust (*2).
    Been to Bonfest twice.

    1. Favourite AC/DC song and why?

    High Voltage - this was the song and album that got me into the band.

    2. Favourite AC/DC album and why?

    Highway To Hell - listened to this thousands of times and it NEVER gets old.

    3. Least favourite AC/DC song and why?

    Can I Sit Next To You Girl - Every time I hear it I get visions of Mals pants/hat and Dave Evans - a bit too Glam for me.

    4. Least favourite AC/DC album and why?

    Who Made Who - Least favourite but I still like it.

    5. Bands other than AC/DC that you're into ...

    Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Aug 30th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)
    • AC/DC rock music: msaul37
    • Aug 31st 2019
    1. impossible. I can narrow it down to 5 though. thunderstruck--was brand new when I first heard it and I think it was the first song I heard from ac/dc. what's next to the moon--I just really like the riff and lyrics. it's a long way to the top--bagpipes. shake a leg--I really like the riffs. stormy may day--really like the slide guitar sound. honorable mentions: kicked in the teeth, hells bells, shook me all night long, big gun, who made who.

    2. it's a toss up between highway to hell and black in black. I can't think of 1 bad/filler song from either album.

    3. love song. if I never hear it again, I won't be mad.

    4. fly on the wall or black ice.. only 1 or 2 songs on either that I really like.

    5. tool, aerosmith, queen, metallica(pre 2003), led zeppelin.. i'm a weird age where my parents grew up in the 60s and 70s, I was born in the mid 80s, so I naturally liked all the 'classic rock', along with the punk rock/emo(green day, blink 182, my chemical romance, and old panic at the disco, etc) and nu-metal type stuff(korn, godsmack, disturbed, system of a down, etc). with newer bands, volbeat is alright. greta van fleet is a zeppelin clone, but I don't mind.

    only ac/dc show I've been to was 2010 Louisville. my seats were bad, my ex-gf was a nut, but still glad I got to see mal, brian, cliff, and phil in that lineup.
    • AC/DC rock music: Sal7_one
    • Sep 3rd 2019 edited
    Hello Everyone, i'm fairly a new fan compared to most people here, only a couple of years. I

    want to thank you all for having me, and would love to learn a lot from you all.

    1. Favourite AC/DC song and why?

    That's a hard question, I'm just gonna go ahead and say BIB, because as much as i love every other song so much, i don't remember a day that i didn't listen to it in.

    2. Favourite AC/DC album and why?

    BIB same answer is above it really is just a wonderful album all over that i can't imagine going one day without listening to it, Powerage is definitely a close second though.

    3. Least favourite AC/DC song and why?

    to be honest i don't know, probably Cyberspace

    4. Least favourite AC/DC album and why?

    nah i'm gonna pass one this one, i don't have a whole album that i don't like to listen to.

    5. Bands other than AC/DC that you're into ...

    Definitely Gn'r, Queen ,RHCP, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. there is definitely more but i don't think to me they'd be worthy to be on this list.
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Sep 5th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)
    Hello everybody,
    been lurking the forum for a long time but decided to jump in just now :-)
    Been a AC/DC fan since 1988 when my dad showed me his copy of "Flick of the Switch", I was 8 years old. Saw them live just once in 1996 in Milan and unfortunately didn't manage to attend any other shows afterwards. Even if I knew them at first with Brian and as much as I love both eras I'm mostly a huge Bon Scott and 70s' AC/DC fan. The questions:

    1. Very tough question, but I'd say "Shot Down In Flames". To me it's the best compromise between a easy-listening , radio-friendly tune and the band's classic rock style. It's got something magic to it and I love Bon's vocals there.

    2. Another tough call... It has to be "Powerage" or "Highway To Hell", but I'll take HTH. To me it's just perfection in terms of songwriting and soundwise and it's the absolute zenith of the band. Also, it immortalizes Bon's best vocal performance ever.

    3. Must be "Anything Goes" cause it sounds like some Bruce Sprigsteen, US radio stuff. I always skip it.

    4. "Blow Up Your Video". Production sounds flat and lifeless, I don't like the drumming, Jonna voice was particularly shot and it sounds like my angry grandpa (probably his worst performance ever in a studio) and songs were uninspired, except a few good things here and there.

    5. I really listen to a wide range of music, from rap to synthpop to delta blues and whatnot, but I've been mostly into hard rock and different shades of metal for the past 31 years. While AC/DC - among the "classics" - is my favourite band, some of my other favourites must be Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Eyehategod, Danzig, Celtic Frost, Buzzov*en, The Cult, Saint Vitus, early Black Label Society... I'm mostly fond of pre-2000 metal in general, especially if it leans towards Sabbath-inspired riffing or southern-tinged stuff, be it sludge metal or southern rock.
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Sep 24th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)
    Posted By: JemWelcome aboard! :)

    Thanx!! :-)
    • AC/DC rock music: SnakeEye
    • Oct 15th 2019
    Hi All!

    Been a fan since I saw the Thunderstruck clip at 9 years old, instantly obsessed. Dad got me a guitar for my 10th birthday and here I am.
    Brian era is king in my book. Prefer the more thought out guitar work and interplay between Mal and Angus. Definitely a step up from the Bon era.
    Longtime lurker, just starting to contribute now.

    1. Favourite AC/DC song and why? Changes all the time. It's like picking a favourite kid, with so many how could you? At the moment I have found myself smashing Fly on the Wall, Sink The Pink and Heatseeker.

    2. Favourite AC/DC album and why? Back In Black probably if I had to pick one. I really do love For Those About To Rock also it's a bit darker and I dig that shit hard. Let There Be Rock, Powerage, Flick get special mentions.

    3. Least favourite AC/DC song and why?
    Love Song off the real High Voltage. It's just so naff, can't stand it/Got Some Rock and Roll Thunder sounds like a country song with those handclaps.

    4. Least favourite AC/DC album and why?
    The real High Voltage. They hadn't quite figured out who they were just yet. Other than She's Got Balls, Soul Stripper and Show Business I don't find myself going back to it much at all. Listened to it heaps when I was a 10 year kid though.

    5. Bands other than AC/DC that you're into ...
    I listen to a lot of hardcore, metal and rock. I don't listen to AC/DC clones, what's the point? Raised Fist, Meshuggah, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Clutch, Converge, Fu Manchu, Russian Circles, Bongzilla,
    I listen to around 10 albums a day so I go through a lot of stuff!
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Oct 25th 2019
    Welcome aboard! :)

    Instant ban.
    • AC/DC rock music: SnakeEye
    • Oct 27th 2019
    Posted By: JemWelcome aboard! :)

    Instant ban.

    Haha, cheers.
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • Oct 29th 2019
    Welcome SnakeEye
    • AC/DC rock music: SnakeEye
    • Oct 30th 2019
    Posted By: bonlivesWelcome SnakeEye

    Thank you Sir!
    • AC/DC rock music: AndyK
    • Nov 24th 2019
    Hello all,
    My name's Andy, I'm from the south coast of England, long time AC/DC fan. My first AC/DC vinyl was HTH, bought in about 1980, I think. As to the five questions...
    1. Downpayment Blues - nothing else sounds like it, and it makes me smile every time I hear it.
    2. Live in Paris - if I'm allowed to choose that? ;)
    3. Soul Stripper
    4. Razor's Edge?? I dunno. Have to confess I'm not keen on much of the post 1980 stuff.
    5. Loads... Free, Govt Mule, Slash, Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Lizzy, Skynyrd, The Who.
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • Dec 2nd 2019
    Welcome Andy
    • AC/DC rock music: acdc45
    • Dec 5th 2019 edited
    Hello everyone! Glad to finally get in the group don't know why I waited this long to do it!
    1. Gimme a Bullet
    2. Powerage and Back in Black
    3. None really I love both eras of the band!
    4. None
    5. Tons Rock, country and blues!
    I started and run 2 Facebook groups dedicated just for the Dutch Splatter and LFAS original vinyl to track how many of these 2 gems are still out there. If any members own these albums and are interested in joining the groups I'd love to have you in them. However to be in the groups you have to own the album for the particular group and you must post a picture of your album in the group. If you are not on Facebook you can email me with a picture of your album and I will post it to the group in your name. Here is my email address: rodgerjohnson45@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you.
    Hi people! It is a pleasure to be part of this forum!!

    1.-Back in black - Just perfect.
    2.-Back in black and Powerage - Definition of ACDC
    3.-Can i sit next to you girl - Too glam for ACDC
    4.-Fly on the wall - I dont like the production, but still a great record!
    5.- Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin... And some Spanish rock bands as i am Spanish :)
    Favorite Song - Show Business. It is a great jam and show's AC/DC's blues roots
    Favorite Album - Powerage. Its a jammer from beginning to end.
    Least Favorite Song - House of Jazz. I just don't get it
    Least Favorite Album - Ballbreaker. It has a few good songs on it, but I have never been amble to get into it and never desire to listen.
    Other bands - Beastie Boys, Flogging Molly, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Run DMC, The Ramones
    • AC/DC rock music: ryank97
    • Jan 1st 2020
    Hey everyone , been here awhile and never answered these,
    1. Favourite Song. Gone Shootin, the groove is spectacular, blues at its best.
    2. Favourite Album. Back In Black. Just ahead of Powerage. Every song makes me smile. The lads are on fire here.
    3. Least Favourite Song. A few, cant really choose.
    4. Least Favourite Album. Black Ice. Although I love RNRT, i just dont feel that excited by the other songs.
    Other Bands I Like. The Rolling Stones. Zeppelin. Rory Gallagher. Any Blues really.
      AC/DC rock music: pedrogkb
    • Jan 8th 2020 edited
    Hey everybody, very happy to participate in the forum now...
    1- Favorite song: You Shook Me All Night Long, first one I've listened to as a kid and I can't stop listening to this day.
    2- Favorite Album: Back in Black, simply put: A Masterpiece.
    3- Least favorite song: What's Next to The Moon.
    4- Least favorite album: Powerage, I like the album, but like the question says it's my "Least Favorite".
    Other bands: Metallica, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Who, Megadeth (sorta), and Guns N' Roses.