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    • AC/DC rock music: Pancake81
    • Nov 1st 2019 edited
    Dude, I could give you 100 reasons why that is one of the best ever. Let me start off with a few and let the folks here keep it rolling!

    1) they had a short set list so could give it 100% for each and every song. No fatigue of a long show, no wear and tear of a tour.

    2) Brians voice is on fire, it’s fresh, and he’s having fun

    3) Brian’s vocals are louder and clearer than normal. Amp wise

    4) Keith Richards and Mic Called Mal and told them they should be a part of the festival. And when the “only other Rock &Roll band in the world” tell you to be there, you show up with f’ing bells on

    5) you can’t not play for 490,000 people and not get absolutely jacked

    6) you followed mediocre acts like Justin Timberlake, as if that’s not motivation enough to get the audience back in the game

    7) you wanna play hot because the Stones asked you to join them for “Rock me Baby” as part of their show after you finish the ACDC Setlist

    8) it’s only been a little while since you finished your SUL tour, so your band is still fairly bonded compared to their usual hiatus lengths

    The list goes on! The show was amazing