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    Don't know the veracity of this, but....posted it anyway. Judging by the information given, something is not quite right...A gig at Milton Keynes and recording of Hard As A Rock video at about the same time line.

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    • Oct 27th 2019 edited
    The video shoot makes sense as the Heatseeker video was recorded at Elstree Studios on Friday 4th December 1987. However, the band weren’t on tour and Milton Keynes was still 13 and a half years away.
    Hard As A Rock was shot at Bray Studios, where LED Zeppelin had been rehearsing for their ill-fated European tour in 1980 when John Bonham died.
    The James Bond movie studio is part of Pinewood Studios and it was the “Cover You In Oil” and “Hail Caesar” videos that were shot there. Again, no tour was in progress at the time that the videos were filmed.
    I think the story is genuine but the author’s memory has been skewed due to the passage of time.
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    • Oct 29th 2019
    So how come your memory hasn't been skewed by time?
    • AC/DC rock music: Goulash
    • Oct 29th 2019
    Posted By: marcinhaSo how come your memory hasn't been skewed by time?

    Good question haha!
    I never forget things that I’m passionate about but when it comes to work, I’m more than happy to draw a blank :-)