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    • AC/DC rock music: Mysterio
    • Aug 31st 2019 edited
    If you had to put AC/DC under a microscope. What style of Tempo do you think they are good at. Slow=For those about to Rock. Medium=TNT/Back in Black. Fast=Jailbreak/Whole Lotta Rosie/Shoot to thrill/Let there be rock.

    I always think that AC/DC are the fast paced band. Same with Van Halen. They can put Slow/Medium Tempo but the faster songs are where its really at. Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin Slow to Medium Tempo. Judas Priest/Iron Maiden Medium to Fast Tempo.

    Do you get what I am saying?
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Aug 31st 2019 edited
    They are capable of doing good songs at every tempo.
    I personally enjoy the fast songs the most. The plodders the least. In think the pace in where they are doing the best business is a pace a little above medium. Songs with good drive like STT, SDIF, Bedlam, SOL, FOTW, GGR, TS. That kind of pace.
    • AC/DC rock music: Mysterio
    • Aug 31st 2019
    I guess it depends on the singer as well. Bon seems to really rock on the mid/fast tempo. Brian on slower. Yet when I think of AC/DC. The faster tunes are the ones that really come to mind. Classic AC/DC is a strong opening riff. Brash lyrics and a Angus Young Devil Solo. Ending with the same old ending from a AC/DC tune an abroupt ending.
      AC/DC rock music: marcinha
    • Aug 31st 2019
    It's all about generating power and it's all subjective. On average, the most commonly uplifting tracks seem to be in the moderate tempo. FTATR for one example on the lower scale of moderate. Then all FOTS, init, Jem?
      AC/DC rock music: Grim177
    • Aug 31st 2019
    Isn't Jailbreak a medium paced song?
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Aug 31st 2019
    Boom Bap Boom Bap
      AC/DC rock music: tomscotland
    • Aug 31st 2019 edited
    Early days for me, the slower paced songs here, obviously Ride On being a prime example. More space in V&Ys production to let the songs breathe.
    Let's face it, we pretty much love all AC/DC songs. Having said that, I prefer the songs that have the fastest tempos. Songs that you can put the top down on a sunny day, and crank up if you're going for a long drive with the gas pedal down.

    Some of my faves:

    Dirty Deeds
    Let There Be Rock
    Riff Raff
    Whole Lotta Rosie
    Kicked In The Teeth
    Beating Around The Bush
    Girls Got Rhtythm
    If You Want Blood
    Shoot To Thrill
    That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll
    This Means War
    Shot Of Love
    Caught With Your Pants Down
    They're great at doing all of them, though I'd say their forte is right in the middle. Fast tracks like LTBR, WLR, LS, etc are obviously fantastic, but I feel that their sound really rests on that mid-tempo groove that's found in tracks like GS, WDYDFMH, and Sin City.
    Mid-tempo really brings out the AC/DC groove for me. Gone shooting and shoot to thrill as prime examples.
      AC/DC rock music: angus1878
    • Sep 1st 2019 edited
    YEP Gone Shootin for me, when Rudd hits that signature groove.....

    check out CURE by MetallicA....same groove but completely different D.N.A. with the 2 drummers