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    • AC/DC rock music: thenewt
    • Aug 30th 2019
    Way the funk back in 1985 I interviewed Doc Neeson, frontman for Angel City, and asked him if his band were inspired much by AC/DC.
    Nice interview mate. Doc Neeson was a brilliant live performer and great front man. I saw The Angels play live about 6 times and they were a fantastic live Rock band. I would confidently say The Angels are one of the best live Rock music acts I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty and as a pro photographer covered many live acts and they were amongst the best I've seen.
    Hey, Newt, just a question - did you ever speak to Phil Lynott? I remember you said in an old thread that you liked Lizzy more than ACDC, and if you’ve been in the business at least since the early 80s, did you ever get the opportunity to speak with him?