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    • AC/DC rock music: Overdose69
    • Aug 10th 2019 edited
    I’ve always believed that Brian was a Caucasian but maybe I’m wrong.

    Look at this on eBay

    [Link to eBay item]
    His voice is pretty much non-caucasian.
      AC/DC rock music: DustDevil
    • Aug 10th 2019

    Quote from the listing: "AC DC BRIAN JOHNSON

    at least that's who he looks like to me"
      AC/DC rock music: Briany
    • Aug 10th 2019
    It don't matter. He's still my brother.
    When he was roaring Ballbreaker in 1996 he was arguably purple.
    I think that's Al Johnson
    • AC/DC rock music: Nachos73
    • Aug 10th 2019
    I think he's a little over baked if you ask me.
      AC/DC rock music: Janonen
    • Aug 10th 2019
    With the exception of Roger Miller, whites can't sing for shit. So he might, in fact, be black.
      AC/DC rock music: BrennaB
    • Aug 11th 2019
    Hahaha that was scary
    He might actually be green.
      AC/DC rock music: 7seven
    • 7 days ago
    No matter how white Brian is, he'll always be back in black ...
    pity we cant bid on bid a grand..what a work of art !
    Posted By: angus1878pity we cant bid on bid a grand..what a work of art !

    I agree! The Mona Lisa pales in comparison!:)
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • 7 days ago
    That's not Brian Johnson, that's Leonid Breznjev
      AC/DC rock music: 42_39_56
    • 5 days ago
    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.
      AC/DC rock music: marcinha
    • 3 days ago
    Posted By: BrianyIt don't matter. He's still my brother.

    Can you ask him if and when the WNA will be released and the WT annouced?