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    • AC/DC rock music: Caesar
    • Aug 8th 2019
    I've been collecting the AC/DC discography, but i hate the digipack format.

    I recently saw the remastered versions in jewel case format and actually bought some, but they seem to be a bit hard to find.

    From what i heard, the remasters were reissued in 2014 in jewel case format.

    Have you guys ever seen these versions and do you know where to buy them online?

    Thank you!
      AC/DC rock music: drillbag
    • Aug 20th 2019
 is a good source for these
    Yeah, you’re right, just straight reissues of the 03 remasters. A lot of times I see these listed on discogs under the digipak entry, pays to message seller.
      AC/DC rock music: Ian Sane
    • Aug 20th 2019
    I have all the 2003 remasters in jewel cases.
    Back In Black, For Those About To Rock and Flick Of The Switch all had slip cases over the jewel cases.
    I thought all the 2003 remasters were digipaks? Later reissued in jewel cases, no?
    Posted By: tomscotlandI thought all the 2003 remasters were digipaks? Later reissued in jewel cases, no?

    Were the jewel packs released in the States? I've seen some here at my record store, but they say made in the E.U.
    I got some of them in jewel cases way before 2014. I bought some in jewel cases in 2005 so they've been available at least that long.

    I always assumed the jewel cases came out at the same time as the digipacks.
    I have never seen the most recent remasters available in jewel case format. Frankly, I would much rather have them in cases because I really hate digipacks. I have often regretted getting rid of my original releases in favor of the 2003 re-releases because of that reason alone.