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    • AC/DC rock music: 900
    • Aug 8th 2019
    Rock music journalist Brett Buchanan hasn't yet commented on's reporting of Lost Prophets' imprisoned pervert Ian Watkins, who apparently concealed a mobile telephone in his rectum.

    It is expected that Brett Buchanan will comment soon on the issue, and will attempt to create a misleading headline disrespectful to millions of music fans, and rock musicians.
    Awww, you got me. I got real hopeful there for a second.

    If only threads on here showed up on google news.
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • Aug 8th 2019
    Came in to delete. Changed mind. Carry on.
    If there was a like button...ha

    Clickbaiting the clickbaiters - I like it.
      AC/DC rock music: Briany
    • Aug 9th 2019
    Who do I despise more? Brett Buchanan or Ian Watkins? Hmmmm....

    Ah, who am I kidding? It's not even close.
    Posted By: bonlivesCame in to delete. Changed mind. Carry on.

    Well done bonlives LOL :-)
    • AC/DC rock music: 900
    • Aug 9th 2019
    Of course it's quite fair if Bonlives / mods delete it, as it's an ugly thing to have on the forum...but indeed it's just a demonstration of what this guy does every day, and if he sees it, I hope it makes him think.

    I don't mind a little bit of journalistic creativity, it can be acceptable, and even fun. But I open Chrome on my Android phone and I get a list of links with headlines which are basically attention-seeking, clickbait lies. And that's not remotely acceptable just because the targets are wealthy rock stars.

    Buchanan - if you see this - show some moral fibre and sort it out.