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      AC/DC rock music: Inferno
    • Jun 24th 2019
    Posted By: Jem
    Posted By: carlos fandangoJust trying to remember albums that meant a lot to me at the time, and not indulge in any post revisionism:

    Bryan Adams - Reckless

    Should have been on my list. First CD I ever had. Played to death and acts like a time machine decades later.

    Yes, that one is on my non-hard rock 15. Another one that I recently picked up on vinyl (original pressing). So many good songs, but back in the day I pretty much avoided it aside from Run To You, which I liked even during my "AC/DC" years.

    Michael Jackson - Thriller
    John Mellencamp - Scarecrow
    Yes - 90125
    Missing Persons - Spring Session M
    Madonna - Madonna
    Outfield - Play Deep
    Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska (I'm not a huge Bruce fan in general, but with just him and an acoustic it's really good)
    Genesis - Abacab
    Journey - Captured
    Journey - Escape
    Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair
    Bryan Adams - Reckless
    Stray Cats - Gonna Ball
    Foreigner - 4
    The Psychedlic Furs - Mirror Moves