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    I'm not endorsing this guy or anything, just found it in my youtube feed and thought it would be good for entertainment.

      AC/DC rock music: youngjohn
    • May 10th 2019
    I can play about five or six chords. All badly. But that was fun to watch and explains a bit about why there are so many bad covers out there.
    Highway to Hell always seems butchered by cover bands. I've seen many a time when the drums come in, that the drummer and guitarist are a world apart. Not being a guitar player, I never knew why this was, other than I knew it must have been a trickier riff to play than what it sounded (Jailbreak seems to be a tad trickier than what it sounds too).

    When I was in elementary, junior, then senior high school, I played trombone in regular concert and jazz band. I was really good at it and got many blue ribbons at competitions. I knew how to count music (along with read it), and there were tricks at counting when you had notes at the end of the measure, especially on the off-beats, and keeping time.

    This was an interesting video that touched on things that I haven't dealt with or considered for a few decades, namely, counting music!
    For a moment I thought it was Varg Vikernes :)
      AC/DC rock music: matirocker
    • May 10th 2019 edited
    Mixed feelings about this guy... however the main point he's trying to make about timing and groove being crucial to guitar playing is spot on. I think I mentioned this on the interview with jonalba.

    I get that that was the point he was trying to come across, but HTH is also notorious for a lot of people playing the wrong chords, and specially bass players who just follow the guitar chords instead of doing what Cliff does.

    Also, come on, he's picking on completely amateur players and laughing at them, and then lining them to a click track. Groove is sometimes away from the click, like when the tempo slightly slows down on the breakdown of SUL. (but yeah, those videos he plays, have completely no groove or sense of timing)
      AC/DC rock music: DrBelford
    • May 10th 2019 edited
    Posted By: matirockerGroove is sometimes away from the click, like when the tempo slightly slows down on the breakdown of SUL.

    But didn't he say something along those lines in the video? I mean in the part where he talks about groove (Angus "feeling the groove")?
    Because of course you're right about this: "Groove is sometimes away from the click". That's actually very important I'd say.
    Must have missed that.
      AC/DC rock music: Inferno
    • May 10th 2019
    I'm not inviting that guy to my Christmas party. He could suck the joy out of anything. Sheesh.