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    There are several videos, different songs. Good musicians, good grooves. This guy on lead guitar does his own thing on the BIB solo and it sounds really neat. No out of tune bends or weird things, that many guitarists do when soloing to that song. Seems like he plays a C sharp chord on the main riff which sounds a bit odd. But, great performance.

    Posted By: Meanstreak

    They do Dog Eat Dog pretty well. She sings it really well and I think it suits her voice.
    This one is really great:

    I'm not sure which one, but the guitarist from The Angels participates in some of the videos, and also guitarist from Stars (a band I don't know anything about).
      AC/DC rock music: drillbag
    • Feb 12th 2019
    Posted By: AC/DC-ROCKERThis one is really great:

    she has a great voice and enough sass to pull it off!