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    If I remember correctly official lyrics to all AC/DC songs, including the Volts album från Bonfire, were up on the old website. The current shit standard web page however has no lyrics at all. When I search the net for the lyrics for Volts all I find are people's transcriptions,
    full of question marks and miss-hearings. Does anyone here still have the accurate lyrics for Volts?
      AC/DC rock music: drillbag
    • Feb 8th 2019
    "Heart, heart, heart of a lion, lion
    Heart departed from my soul
    Thanks to everyone who hates me, only makes me fit my role
    I got orange juice and doobies, I'll be tourin' troops and groupies
    Shed fire, vampire, diamonds, diamonds
    I got rubies, I got pills in my smoothies
    SBE, just some loonies
    Moonlight Gang, hit the scene with my trueies
    Money, money in my bank account, you know I've gotta spend it all
    Flick the lighter's light, If I die, you'll never see me fall
    Fuck the police, till the, till the, till the curtain call
    Ball? No, basketball, new shoes, bank calls
    Mix it with some alcohol, Adderalls' till I fall
    Not supposed to make it so we chase it till we got 'em all
    Made it, did it, out of zero, flipped it, got it, made a hero
    Fuck the game, I've been a year old, faster than you like De Niro
    If you don't like me, get the fuck out my face
    I'm ridin' in a starship, get the fuck out my way"
      AC/DC rock music: Hawksboy
    • Feb 10th 2019
    back in the day i printed out all the lyrics for all the albums from the old website. im pretty sure it included volts. i could have a dig for it...
    i find it pretty strange they went from having all the lyrics available to nothing at all. the ROB lyrics have never officially been released.
      AC/DC rock music: Hawksboy
    • Feb 10th 2019 edited
      AC/DC rock music: Hawksboy
    • Feb 10th 2019
    i just realised it didnt upload in page number order, but youll work it out anyway.
    Thanks a lot!