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    On March 30th 2019 Acdcmachine hosts the yearly event “Acdcmachine Gathering 2019” featuring Nikki Hill, AD/HD and Superposer Wannabe. It’s a charity event with main purpose to raise awareness and collect money to the alzheimers research. For those who cannot attend but still want to show their support to the dementia research, we asked the AC/DC fan Maartje Jansen to design a t-shirt. From every sold t-shirt Acdcmachine gives 19€ to the assosiation Alois Alzheimers. This product will be available until March 31st.

    thanks for the link just orderd mine
      AC/DC rock music: Viking
    • Feb 3rd 2019
    That is a brilliant t-shirt. Ordered 2
      AC/DC rock music: azel
    • Feb 4th 2019
    Come on over in March and rock out (with your c**k out) to Nikki Hill. She'll surely rock the house!
    received the shirt yesterday....very cool and for a good cause ty