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    Some of you may find this funny, but I can't speak for everyone. Just give it a watch...

      AC/DC rock music: Starsky
    • Jan 12th 2019
    Some really screwed up bits were funny, but overall it's quite meh...

    While ago I got an interesting video in my Youtube recommendations – Thunderstruck with every other beat missing, also the uploader had captioned the new lyrics as well, I found it hilarious
    Make me laugh in parts, some of the random Brian screeches and crazy high notes, plus the band starting to play whilst he's still talking! Ha
    No offence MCP but WTF!
      AC/DC rock music: toddo
    • Jan 12th 2019
    good grief I really loved this. the random double bass drums lol
    Posted By: ianbigmacNo offence MCP but WTF!
    It’s an acquired sense of humor I guess...
    • AC/DC rock music: rideon77
    • Jan 12th 2019
    Does nowt for me
    It's like Brian has a form of tourettes.

    The way they cut the lyrics into "Back In Black hit my sack" I admit that bit made me laugh.
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Jan 13th 2019
    I certainly laughed.
      AC/DC rock music: Jet1984
    • Jan 13th 2019
    HAHA!! Glorious!
      AC/DC rock music: 42_39_56
    • Jan 13th 2019
    Hahahaha! Sounds like Brian in 1980/81 when he was always fucking up lyrics!
    The tunings of the guitars have been fucked with also. Quite funny and ridiculous at the same time.
      AC/DC rock music: marcinha
    • Jan 13th 2019
    LOL. Something just only funny on the forum for a change. As opposed to comicaly tragic.
    Fur fuck sake!
    • AC/DC rock music: Rocco
    • Jan 13th 2019
    It just spirals more and more out of control lol. Nicely done.