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    • AC/DC rock music: Alex101
    • Jan 2nd 2019
    Hello fellow AC/DC fans!

    I was just wondering if anyone knows the hotel AC/DC have stayed at when they last played in Manchester? I’ve heard they usually stay at the George V in Paris, at least from the videos I’ve seen on YouTube. I Would also appreciate names of any other hotels they stay at in Europe. Has anyone had any experience with getting autographs this way before or after a show? If so, when is the best time to catch them?
    I hope they tour again soon... I think we all do!

    • AC/DC rock music: Gavin82
    • Jan 2nd 2019
    D you know Elliot hes the man in the know..???
    • AC/DC rock music: nimeta
    • Jan 2nd 2019
    Lowry or the Midland are the big 2 in Manchester...but remember there is no guarantee they won't be coptered off to somewhere like London before or after the gig to avoid the hassle of shifting hotels. When you are that rich a few thousand dollars on a copter is peanuts
    Check stalkers are
      AC/DC rock music: 42_39_56
    • Jan 2nd 2019
    Posted By: ianbigmacCheck stalkers are

    ianbigmac filling in for GShootin. The hero we need but don’t deserve.
    The local nudist camp would be my bet.
      AC/DC rock music: DC/79
    • Jan 4th 2019
    In 1979 1980 & 1982 they stayed in the Brittania Hotel on Portland St in Manchester. I know that because I know people met them there to get autographs.
    Beyond those dates I have no idea.
      AC/DC rock music: DustDevil
    • Jan 4th 2019
    Salford Travelodge
    Youth hostels can be a safe bet.
    If you write a polite letter to their management, I'm sure they'll tell you.