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    • AC/DC rock music: 900
    • Nov 30th 2018 edited
    I just stumbled on this.. I haven't listened for a few years as I find DLR too much of a dick.

    This is pretty cool....EVH is just making it look piss-easy, playing really well, amazing tones... clean and healthy (hope that's still the case, did he give booze the boot as well as everything else?).

    Backing vocals are amazing, AVH as cool ever with his signature tight, punchy drum sound.

    As for's weird, his voice is still the same, and here and there he pulls off some cool things.. But he's so out of lungpower that he's constantly over-compensating with silly bits and spoken words, perhaps feeling awks that he can't sing as well as the other two.... But all that said this is pretty damn cool for 2015...

    And heres the part that explains DLR s bandage in his nozzle:

    Rumors saying they will tour as a trio in 2019
      AC/DC rock music: Grim177
    • Dec 1st 2018
    I didn't "get" VH for a long time, in fact I probably felt they represented everything I detest about the majority of rock and metal bands, but I been a huge fan for several years now. Just a shame they couldn't of patched things up with Mike Anthony and had one more go around. Wolfgang does well but Mike is a big piece missing instrumentally and vocally. And while DLR's voice is pretty shot his ability as a frontman and entertainer (for better or worse, depending on your opinion of him) is still intact.
    I saw them in the US in 2015 - Eddie and Al were great, Roth kept complaining to the sound guy and even stopped the show twice mid song. Also did it again when someone threw beer on stage - pretty funny.

    Wolfgang does a job but a shame they can't get Mike back.

    Here's the beer incident

    • AC/DC rock music: 900
    • Dec 1st 2018
    ^Agree, Grim. Out of line how Mike was treated, just seemed so spiteful and stupid.

    I like the old era with the edge and uniqueness they had with DLR....but I liked the stuff with Hagar even more. Even though he's also a dick, he gave the band a new outlook with his vocal abilities. Not to say 'better', but allowed Eddie to progress towards songs with more focused vocals. I really enjoyed those first 3 records they did with that line up.

    As for EVH, he's a marvel. Superb tone and taste, great note selection, and essentially a bluesy player who used his technique to expand his way of playing, rather than going all neoclassical or whatever.
      AC/DC rock music: Grim177
    • Dec 1st 2018
    ^I like the Hagar stuff. 5150 is a strong album, a bit more commercial but they were already heading that way with 1984. After that the albums get more patchy for me.I think they probably got more song focused with Hagar but that focus was a bit too reliant on big ballads. And although Sammy is likely a technically more proficient vocalist, the OTT almost parodic character of DLR's persona (I think he's in on the "joke") and his voice is a big part of what makes VH for me. So they seem more one dimensional and less special/unique without him.

    Eddie's playing is like it's own thing isn't it. I don't hear a great deal of blues in there, not in the traditional sense at least and as you say it's not neoclassical, HM wankery either. I guess he's got his own little predominant "box" that he plays around in like most people but what he did is afaik his own invention and with very few effects as well. Some of those early tracks where there are no guitars overdubs, not even a rhythm track on the solos are staggering in their virtuosity and just how only three guys were able to make a sound that full that lacked nothing.
      AC/DC rock music: azel
    • Dec 1st 2018
    LOVE DLR era Van Halen, so much so I flew to Jacksonville to catch them on the last tour. Worth every penny.
    DLR is a superb frontman still, even with his misgivings vocally. Adds to their trashy, sloppy appeal.

    Saw them on the WACF tour, one of my top three gigs of all time!
    Roth era Van Halen is up there with AC/DC for me, those 6 records with him are fantastic.

    Loved the last one too,but Michael was sorely missed.

    Dave sounded excellent on the 2007 gigs they did, he wasn't pushing himself outside of the original melodies like he has been the last few years. The downside was Eddie was trashed, now that Eddie is clean Dave has totally shit the bed for the most part.

    If he could dial it back a bit, he would be just fine. He keeps trying to modify the original melodies and sing outside of his range for some reason as of late. Still has some gas left but I feel if he focused it could be better ala 2007/2008